All designers have a style,
although they try not to.
That is why collaboration
is important.

Limpopo Government

Being formerly based in Limpopo, South Africa, afforded Idea.list the opportunity to design and layout various marketing items, on government tenders, for Limpopo Treasury and Salga (South African Local Government Association). Also working collaboratively as graphic designer with other agencies on projects for Limpopo Provincial Government and Libsa now known as Leda.

Project Description

Design and layout for various departments of Limpopo Government.

  • Investment brochures
  • Printed Newsletters
  • Annual Report
  • Branded Display banners

Project Details

  • Client: Limpopo Treasury, Limpopo Government, Salga and Libsa
  • Date: June, 2018
  • Category: Graphic Design

Project Participants

  • Art-Director: Evette Crouse
  • Designer: Evette Crouse & Rolene Pieterse