My Stella

– Luxury Moissanite Jewellery
This premier online jewellery store is one of my favorite brands to have worked on to date.
The name “Stella” is derived from the word “constellation” as the moissanite is a gemstone born from the stars, generally found around  in craters created by a meteorite that fall to Earth.

Design for people
interacting with brands.

After finalising the brand the next step was refining the packaging as a user experience. Developing a custom fluid art design that was applied to the gift box packaging. Custom pattern designed and applied on tissue paper.

Using a speciality gold foiling printing process to apply the logo to the ring boxes. Accompanied by a digital ring size guide design to ensure perfect fit on ordering.


Project Description

This project included:
  • Name conceptualisation and brand development
  • Packaging design for ring box and gift box
  • Custom digital fluid art design for gift box print
  • Custom tissue paper pattern design
  • Ring size guide design

Project Details

  • Client: Stella Jewellery
  • Date: January, 2020
  • Category: Graphic Design, Branding
  • Website:

Project Participants

  • Art-Director: Evette Crouse
  • Designer: Evette Crouse
  • Manager: Ika van Wyk

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